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Global Untargeted Metabolomics

Global Untargeted Metabolomics

Global Untargeted Metabolomics, a next-generation detection technology for conventional untargeted metabolomics, investigates the qualitative analysis of all small molecule metabolites in samples such as body fluids, cells and tissues after biological systems are stimulated or disturbed , characterized by high-throughput, specific experimental methods and full annotation of substances; based on the high-resolution mass spectrometry platform of Thermo Q-Exactive, which integrates MoNA, METLIN, HMDB, LipidSearch, as well as self-built database systems and autonomous core algorithm, has the dual advantages of "globality" of material scanning and "accuracy" of material annotation.

Research Process

Application Fields

Medical research

Disease marker filtering, exploration of etiology and pathological mechanism, disease recurrence diagnosis, disease diagnosis and classification, clinical efficacy evaluation, pharmacotoxicological evaluation

Life science research

Research on abiotic environment relationship, metabolic pathway and functional genome research, plant and microorganism research, application in medicinal plant research, application in phenotypic identification

Product Advantages

100% annotated

Annotate the detected substance information comprehensively and solve the trouble of incomplete substance annotation.

Thermo Q-Exactive

A perfect balance between quantity and accuracy.

A powerful tool for multi-omics integration research

Full-target annotation provides comprehensive information, such as the source, function and chemical structure of metabolites.

6 major databases to retrieve information

The first company to provide a variety of authoritative database annotations, comprehensively analyze the detected substances, with powerful BioDeep DB self-built database to realize the identification of ultra-high-volume substances.

Matching degree setting ≥80%

To ensure the authenticity of the identified substances, the number of annotated substances can reach up to more than 1,200 species.

One-time analysis

According to clients’ needs, when screening differential metabolites in global target, the parameters can be adjusted at any time, but for untargeted, once the parameters are changed, it needs to be re-annotated. Once the parameters are changed, they need to be re-annotated.

Analysis Process

Analysis Content

Analysis Result

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