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Lipidomics and transcriptome provide a new perspective on Frontiers in Nutrition Download

Nano Letters, another 10 points + Transcriptome article published! Download

Which is more nutritious, plateau milk versus plain milk? Download

With this metabolomics detection technology, multiple omics articles can get results faster! Download

10 +! Short-chain fatty acid integration microbial diversity detection helps to explore the Download

A new PROTAC drug research strategy Download

Transcriptomics help improve liver injury Download

New progress of probiotics in the treatment of ulcerative colitis Download

The effect of intestinal microbiome on asthma Download

Ganoderma spores inhibit obesity and inflammation by regulating intestinal flora Download

PANOMIX another lipidome project article: New power of nano drugs against cancer! Download

A high-scoring article reveals the best way to treat cancer! Download

How important is the gut flora? Look what happened to the little white shrimp, and you... Download

Tumor drug target hard core research ideas! Download

Help or worse? The indissoluble relationship between exosomes and tumors Download

Abnormal expression of microrNA-125A leads to insulin resistance and lipid metabolism disorders in obese mice Download

PANOMIX project magazine articles on Small | many groups of students and scholars association with reveal synergy immunotherapy new way! Download

Effects of shading on carbon and nitrogen metabolism of Tea plant Download

PANOMIX helped client publish two articles in a row Download

Targeted metabolome-full-length transcriptome integration analysis reveals key genes in polyphenol anabolism Download

Good news! PANOMIX metabolite project article topped the Cell Metabolism! Download

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