Clinical Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics Laboratory Solution

As a leading metabolomics technology company in the industry, PANOMIX integrates R&D, production and service. With rich experience, professional talent team and stable supply chain system, PANOMIX provides customers with whole process services such as platform construction, mass spectrometry instrument and reagent consumables supply, registration and declaration, talent training, entrusted inspection, scientific research services and operation management. By integrating resources and giving full play to the advantages of all parties, we can reduce the construction cost and shorten the construction cycle, so as to help customers have the ability of clinical mass spectrometry detection quickly .

Laboratory construction

Provide professional laboratory planning and construction solutions

Hardware support

Provide stable reagent and instrument sales services

Staff training

Professional staff and provide full-process operation training

After-sales guarantee

Covering instrument maintenance, reagent supply, methodological improvement and other after-sales services

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