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Suzhou PANOMIX Biomedical Tech Co., LTD (abbreviation: PANOMIX) was established in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2013. It is one of the earliest and largest metabolomics companies in China. We are dedicated to be a full solution provider in creating clinical mass spectrometry and metabolomics, to be your metabolic manager. Our business area includes omics technical services, clinical mass spectrometry, omics clinical products and biological big data platform. Our company provides global clients with faster and more accurate metabolomics testing services, clinical products and big data service.

PANOMIX is led by talents from the "National Thousand Talents" program and Jinji Lake Science and Technology Leaders. Our founders and core team are from Harvard University, MD Anderson Cancer Center, UC Davis, TMIC, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other famous universities and research institutes at home and abroad, covering metabolomics, bio-informatics, big data, mass spectrometry, pharmacology and other fields. The laboratories in Suzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Nanchang, Chengdu, Jinhua and Dongguan are operating more than 80 sets of imported mass spectrometry equipment, covering metabolomics, proteomics testing services, clinical R&D and testing fields.

Based on its complete sample pre-processing and high-resolution mass spectrometry platform, massive metabolite library and core matching algorithm, and cloud data analysis system BioDeep™ with independent intellectual property rights, PANOMIX has provided comprehensive and professional metabolomics services for more than 400 scientific research institutes, 400 tertiary hospitals and food and pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. Our services include untargeted metabolomics, targeted metabolomics, global untargeted metabolomics, lipidomics, proteomics, flavoromics, spatial and single-cell metabolomics, with applications in agriculture, environment, food, nutrition, tumor, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and gut microbiology-related research fields, covering more than 100 subdivision analysis services, providing customers with personalized metabolomics research and clinical solutions.

In the area of mass spectrometry precision medicine and omics clinical, we have many innovative product research and development pipelines, it covers cardiovascular disease, stroke, tumor and intestinal microbial direction of diagnosis, auxiliary diagnosis, early screening and application of medicine guidance. Based on the leading MetaDiscovery clinical technology platform, PANOMIX has initiated and implemented a large cohort metabonomics research program for 100,000 stroke patients in 2021, will continue to transform a number of clinical diagnosis and early screening products, focusing on the use of metabonomics technology to reduce the incidence of stroke in China. Our company has received multiple rounds of investment from well-known industry funds, such as YuanBio Venture Capital, BOHE Angel Fund and Watson Investment, also obtained the qualifications of Science and Technology Leading Enterprise, CMA Certified Enterprise, High and New Technology Enterprise, Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise, ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certification, GLP laboratory, third-party medical laboratory etc. Further more, we got more than 30 intellectual property rights, and nearly 20 clinically registered products,will continue to develop in the field of precision medicine and precision nutrition, to contribute a healthy China in 2030.

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