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GC-MS Metabolomics

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GC-MS Metabolomics

Gas Chromatography (GC) has strong separation ability, but it has poor qualitative ability for unknown compounds; Mass Spectrometry (MS) has unique identification and high sensitivity for unknown compounds, but it requires the detected components which are generally pure . The combination of GC and MS, that is gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, promotes each other's strengths and avoids weaknesses, which not only makes up for the disadvantage that GC is difficult to make reliable qualitative identification of unknown components in complex compounds based on retention time, but also use MS as a detector which with extremely high sensitivity and strong identification. With its high resolution, high sensitivity and simple fast analysis process, GC-MS plays a more and more important role in the fields of environmental protection, medicine, pesticides and stimulants. To be one of the most powerful tools for the separation and detection of complex compounds.

Product Advantages

High throughput

High precision, sensitivity and reproducibility

Has a reference standard spectral database for easy qualitative analysis

Detect most organic and some inorganic molecules in samples

Analysis Process


High throughput; High precision, sensitivity and reproducibility; Standard spectral database for reference, easy qualitative analysis; Detect most organic and some inorganic molecules in samples

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